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5 Signs that tell you your air ducts need to be cleaned



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AirProUT 5 Sings that tell your air ducts need to be cleaned

Your HVAC is more or less like any other machine that you have. They will function better with regular maintenance, just like how your car becomes better after each trip to the mechanic. In the same vein, regularly maintaining the HVAC and its parts ensures a better experience at home and any commercial building. Unfortunately, replacing filters and other parts is not the only solution for inefficient HVAC systems. What your system needs sometimes is good old-fashioned cleaning. However, you cannot afford to get an inexperienced cleaning company that will only lead you to spend money to clean the same places again. Therefore, the efficiency of your HVAC system lies with you being able to make the right choice when it comes to selecting the best cleaning company. Now, you need to understand that a dirty air duct can cause more than an overworking system in your household. It can lead to health complications as a result of bad air which you constantly breathe in. No one would like to be sleeping and find dust particles lying on the bed with them

Therefore, here are five signs to know when your air ducts need cleaning.


Sometimes it can be frustrating having to clean your room and still finding dust in the areas you just energy over some minutes ago. If this becomes an occurrence, it is an indication that your HVAC systems are blowing in dust through the ingest air duct. One eye you can address is to take a look at the HVAC systems when you start them. Is there dust coming our way when they get to work? Also, inspect the supply and return boxes to see if they are dusty. If they are, you need to call a professional cleaning company to help you prevent any more edit build-up, affecting the overall performance of the HVAC systems.

Rodents’ droppings

Imagine having visitors over at your house, and they come across some rat dropping close to the wall in your loving home too. It can be an unpleasant sight, but sometimes it is a sign that rodents and insects have infested your air duct. This can even cause a bigger issue which will require more than air duct cleaning. But taking action can save you from spending more money. The rodents can chew their way through the air ducts or gain entry through an opening. What is more important is that these rodents can leave their droplets in the air duct, contaminating the air you breathe in.


As much as it is a thrill to renovate your home or add new features to different home parts, there is still a chance of dirt and debris being trapped in the air duct. Even if your hire’s construction company is super careful, there is always a way that dirt and debris make their way to your air duct. Therefore, air duct cleaning after renovating and even moving into a new home is important for your health and effective functioning of HVAC systems

Rising Utility Bills

Picture yourself trying to enjoy the cool breeze in your room when your wife rushes on with the utility bill. Once you see it, you immediately put off the Air conditioner as a means to try to reduce the utility bill in your hands. But the problem here is that the HVAC systems are overworking themselves.  Once there is accumulated dirt and dust in these systems, the parts will begin to overwork, thereby constituting a higher energy bill for you and your family. Therefore, one way you can easily deduce that the air ducts need to be cleaned is the rising energy bills in your home.

Another issue is if the air ducts are clean, the AC will not blow cool air. So, you can have all the ACs on and still not be comfortable. At that point, you need to check whether the air duct is clean.

Respiratory Problems

Inhaling contaminated air can lead to serious respiratory problems that can be devastating to one’s health. Most times, when you wake up with allergies, you might not attribute it to the air duct. Therefore, those allergies can signify a dirty air duct, especially when your home is clean. It is important to call a professional air duct cleaning service when you find out that you have trouble breathing in your home. It should be enough sign when the air is congested or becomes too hot even with all the Air conditioners turned on.


Air duct cleaning is an important task that needs to be done in your home and commercial buildings. However, you need a tested set of hands, people who have built a solid reputation for helping people live better lives through air duct cleaning. This is why at Air Pro UT, our goal is to ensure that your home and office are free from dirt, dust, molds, mildew, and any other contamination to give your building a new smell and ambiance.