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About Us

About Us

Air Pro UT is an all-inclusive company that specializes in clean air solutions for residential and commercial buildings. We are a company that offers a wide range of HVAC clean air services that ensure the lives and properties of customers are improved.

We offer residential air duct cleaning that enhances the way everyone in a family lives. For us, health is the priority. As long as we can provide clean air through our cleaning solution to every part of the room in a house, we consider that a win. We offer commercial air duct cleaning that allows for businesses to operate smoothly and improve productivity. With the proper cleaning of air ducts for HVAC systems of many businesses, there is no drop in performance. We also ensure that all staff have a clean bill of health with our sophisticated air duct cleaning technique.

We also take pride in offering—residential and commercial dryer vent cleaning services to families and a host of businesses. Air Pro UT ensures that air properly escapes without being trapped. We clean the dryer vent to be a free passage of air outside and inside the house.

At Air Pro UT, we believe that old ways can fuse perfectly with modern technology to create a lasting effect on providing air duct cleaning services. We have taken the liberty of incorporating UV light Installation to kill allergens and get rid of molds. We understand the complexities of this form of cleaning HVAC systems. This is why we take it on; we are people that do not shy away from any task but employ expert hands to remove molds and install high-quality UV light to preserve the HVAC systems.



Your health is what pertains to us the most. This is why we constantly improve in providing quality cleaning services. We ensure that all our customers breathe clean air. This is what motivates us to continue to work.


Another value that is part of our heritage at Air Pro UT is customer satisfaction. We want to see you happy and living a comfortable life. We are vested in your success and understand that you cannot achieve greatness without a conducive environment.


Experience is also part of our Values at Air Pro UT. We do not take for granted what we do here. This is why we hire the most experienced people in the field to improve the way you live. We have a blistering array of talent in every department. From customer service to technicians, we have a solid team ready to take on any task.


We can offer a wide variety of services at any time. Our experience with HVAC systems knows no bounds. From residential air duct cleaning to UV installation. We have a robust approach to all our jobs as we always want the best for you.


We will never rush any project that is given to us. No matter how small a project is, we treat it like one of our own. Therefore, our technicians will always assess the situation and carry you along as we make our decisions. Our company is transparent and will let you see how everything unfolds.