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Blower Motor Cleaning

Blower motors are responsible for circulating air throughout the property and are important to maintain. Regular cleaning is part of any good maintenance plan. For all properties, blower motor cleaning should carried out routinely to ensure components remain in good working order and the property cooled or heated effectively.

About Blower Motor Cleaning

Blower cleaning is a multi-step process that involves lubricating bearings, inspecting shaft seals, replacing filters and verifying proper airflow.

Industry Leading Equipment

Air Pro UT use industry-leading products and equipment to make sure your motor is clean and working properly

Expert Technicians

Our technicians are experienced, dedicated professionals who know how to preform the best blower cleaning in Salt Lake City.

Other Indoor Air Quality Services

We also perform duct cleaning, HVAC cleaning, coil cleaning and more to improve your property’s air quality and efficiency.

Benefits of Blower Cleaning

Key benefits of blower cleaning include:

  • Optimal airflow throughout a property
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced strain on the HVAC system
  • A more comfortable overall property